The “Heilklimastollen Friedrich” Healing Experience

Specialised therapy in Bad Bleiberg

The former mining industry has left its mark on the region. The special healing experience “Heilklimastollen Friedrich” with its healing climate at a constant temperature of 8 °C and a humidity of 99% has been a recognised natural spa tunnel with healing powers since 1998. These excellent conditions make it suitable for healing and relieving respiratory diseases, allergies and stress. Due to the high humidity, the setting is free from dust and allergens. The pure air facilitates breathing and helps in the coughing up of mucus from the respiratory tract. It has an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. The body can thus recover from stresses such as dust and pollen, strengthening the immune system.

The healing climate therapy in the “Heilklimastollen” is useful for chronic and recurring chronic respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD and chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as the nose, throat, larynx or sinuses, in particular if such diseases are caused by allergies.
For patients with stress-related disorders, the quiet atmosphere and special climatic conditions offer deep relaxation and rest.

You can book a therapy at “Heilklimastollen Friedrich” at our hotel. We will happily arrange a shuttle service for you.