Bleibergerhof Medical Treatments

Your path to increased fitness

At Bleibergerhof, we offer you what we’re best at – we take care of your health! Enjoy your holiday and put your health in our hands. We check your state of health and show you how you can boost your health and well-being at home and prevent illness.


One-on-one Remedial Gymnastics, Physical Therapy

With one-on-one remedial gymnastics, dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system can be avoided; furthermore, natural movement patterns can be maintained and/or restored.
With a targeted functional test, our physiotherapists determine the condition of your musculoskeletal system. Subsequently, deficits can be improved with both passive (guided by the therapist) and active (self-guided) movements.


BIA Measurement – Dietology & Nutrition

The bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a tool for analysing the individual composition of a body. The relation of muscle, water and fat in the body is accurately determined and displayed in a graphical chart.
Simply using the weight or body-mass index for the interpretation of the nutritional status is no longer sufficient today. Using BIA measurement, our dieticians can make more accurate statements about your personal nutritional and health status, and provide you with recommendations for your daily life.


Relaxing in the Energy Islands

Take a break and relax in our Energy Islands. You lie on a bed filled with quartz sand and experience wonderful deep relaxation through changing light, colours, warmth and relaxing music.

Hydro jet

Relax in an above-water massage!

The hydrojet massage bed is a waterbed with a massage function. You lie on the cosily warm water bed and are massaged from below by circular water jets from head to toe. The heat of the water radiates right into the deep tissue layers of the body! Blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, your muscles are loosened, and tensions are dissolved.