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Spa retreat at Bleibergerhof

From the depths of the Alps...

… is where the healing thermal water in Bad Bleiberg comes from. Discovered in 1951 by miners, the source of the 27°C-warm water is 3,600 metres deep. The thermal water, enriched with calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate and trace minerals, unfolds its full healing powers in particular for rheumatic ailments as well as joint and spinal problems.

Our indoor and outdoor swimming pool is filled with 32°C warm thermal water. The thermal water is enriched with acratic calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonate and trace elements and helps with rheumatic diseases, joint and spinal disorders and osteoarthritis.

Our 2,500-m²-large hotel-owned health and spa area invites you to wind down and relax.


of our spa and water sanctuary

  • Indoor/outdoor swimming pool with 32°C-warm thermal healing water
  • Unique natural swimming pond
  • Sauna area with Finnish sauna, steam sauna, herbal sauna, outdoor sauna and infrared cabin, sauna infusion ceremony.
  • privateSPAs
  • Spacious chill-out rooms
  • Sunbathing area with comfortable sun loungers and parasols
  • Fitness room
  • Beauty & wellness treatments
  • Tea bar and fruit on the house

Beauty Treatments

at a glance

  • Kosmetiklinie VINOBLE Cosmetics - die Vinotherapie von Vinoble Cosmetics versetzt in eine Welt der Entspannung, Ausgeglichenheit und Balance
  • VINOBLE Cosmetics Gesichtsbehandlungen: VINOBLE REFRESH Special und Kurztreatment, VINOBLE CLASSIC für SIE und IHN, Spezialbehandlung
  • Kosmetiklinie Alex Cristin - Natürlichkeit für Ihre Haut
  • Alex Cristin Gesichtsbehandlungen: Express Gesichtsbehandlung, Frischekick, Aroma Verwöhn-Behandlung, Extras fürs Gesicht, Genuss für Hände und Füße
  • Massagen: Teilmassage, Ganzkörpermassage, Fußreflexzonenmassage, Kombimassage, Lymphdrianage, Hot Stone Massage
  • Bäder zum Abschalten und Genießen: Rosmarinbad, Heublumenbad, Lavendelbad, Vinoble Barrique Weinbad
  • Körperbehandlungen: Bleiberger-Heu-Ritual, VINOBLE REINIGEND | Salz-Traubenkern Ganzkörperpeeling, Signature Treatment - VINOBLE Balance, VINOBLE SILHOUTTE DELUXE,VINOBLE Detox Körperpackung
  • The cosmetics line VINOBLE Cosmetics – the vinotherapy from Vinoble Cosmetics will transport you into a world of relaxation, balance and equilibrium.
  • VINOBLE Cosmetics facials: VINOBLE REFRESH special and short treatment, VINOBLE CLASSIC for HER and HIM, special treatment
  • Cosmetics line Alex Cristin – Natural cosmetics for your skin
  • Alex Cristin facials: Express facial for a fresh glow, aroma therapy, extras for the face, hand and feet pampering
  • Massages: Partial massage, full body massage, reflexology, combination massage, lymph drainage, hot stone massage
  • Calming and soothing baths: rosemary bath, hay flower bath, lavender bath, Vinoble Barrique wine bath
  • Body treatments: Bleiberger hay ritual, VINOBLE CLEANSING | salt and grape seed full body scrub, signature treatment – VINOBLE Balance, VINOBLE SILHOUTTE DELUXE, VINOBLE Detox body mask

Healing Water Analysis

Bad Bleiberg

Positive ions

  milligram/litre millimole/litre millimole %
Total positive ions 62,700 3,81 100,00
Ammonium (Nh) <0,037 - -
Calcium (Ca) 40,500 2,02 53,06
Potassium (K) 0,400 0,01 0,27
Magnesium (Mg) 21,400 1,76 46,21
Manganese (Mn) <0,003 - -
Sodium (Na) 0,400 0,02 0,46

Undissociated substances

  milligram/litre millimole/litre millimole %
Total 284,3    
Total iron (Fe) <0,05 - -


  milligram/litre millimole/litre millimole %
Total 221,630 3,720 100,00
Chloride (Cl) 0,500 0,010 0,38
Fluoride (F) <0,500 - -
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 201,800 3,310 89,02
Nitrate (NO3) 1,900 0,031 0,83
Nitrite (NO2) 0,032 0,001 0,02
Phosphate (PO4) <0,250 - -
Sulphate (SO4) 17,400 0,360 9,75